Balasubramanian (Subu) Kandaswamy

Assistant Professor

I am an Assistant Professor of computer science in Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sri City, AP, India.

As a computer scientist, I am inspired by cognitive science theories of how people learn, represent and utilize relational patterns. I explore them by building computational cognitive models. While relational patterns are ubiquitous in human cognition, I focus on how it applies to visual problems. Especially, I am interested in (Visuo-Spatial) relational pattern recogniton as a computer vision problem.

Currently, I am exploring algorithms that can learn and categorize images based on the visuo-spatial relational configuration of the objects present in them.

I strongly believe in the arguments made by cognitive scientists that Analogy (our ability to deal with relational patterns) lies at the core of human cognition (Holyoak, Gentner and Kokinov 2001) (Hofstader 2001). So, to build intelligence into machines and to enable them to perform tasks that would typically require human level intelligence, it is imperative that we provide them with abilities to learn and utilize relational patterns.

I recieved my Ph.D in computer science in December 2016 from EECS Department, Northwestern University. I was a member of the Qualitative Reasoning Group headed by my PhD advisor Dr. Kenneth D. Forbus. QRG is part of the Cognitive Systems group at Northwestern University.

Relational Patterns

Note: The above animation shows a collection of slides used in classrom to get students to appreciate the idea of relational patterns.